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Stomach ache during pregnancy, dangerous

Stomach ache during pregnancy is often a normal thing. However, pregnant women need to be careful if stomach pain is followed by other symptoms or if the pain is very severe. In order not to be mistaken, Bumil needs to recognize the difference between normal and dangerous abdominal pain during pregnancy. As pregnancy increases, the uterus will continue to expand to make room for the fetus to grow. Enlargement of the uterus can cause pressure on the muscles, joints, and blood vessels around the uterus, causing pain in the stomach of pregnant women. Abdominal pain due to these conditions is normal and will not endanger the health of pregnant women and fetuses. Even so, abdominal pain during pregnancy can also be caused by a serious condition, so that a doctor is needed. Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy that is not Harmful In addition to the enlargement of the size of the uterus, abdominal pain which is categorized as not dangerous can be caused by: 1. Excessive gas in the stomach
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Fathers Must Know How to Overcome a Crying Baby. Here's How

As a father, you also need to know how to deal with crying babies. Besides being able to lighten your partner's burden, this will also bring you closer to Little One. Crying is a method used by babies to convey everything that they feel. The baby will cry when he feels hungry, lonely, wants to pee, defecate, sleepy, even when he feels bored. So, don't be surprised, the average total time a baby can spend crying in one day can reach around two hours! Various Ways to Overcome Baby Crying Hearing a baby who keeps crying may be frustrating or may worry. Therefore, as a family leader, being able to calm your child when he cries is a skill that you must also have. Remember that not only mothers are responsible for looking after and caring for Little, even fathers must be able to care for Little. The following are some ways you can do to deal with crying babies: 1. Find out the cause Little has not been able to talk directly about things that are felt or wanted, such as when

Who Said Flip-flops Are Safe for Feet

Cheerful colors, attractive motifs, relaxed-looking shapes and fashionable impressions, are often the main attraction of flip flop sandals or commonly called flip-flops. But be careful, it turns out even though it looks cheerful, flip flops are no less dangerous when compared to high heels you know. At weekends or efforts to avoid foot pain from using high heels for too long, some women choose to use flip-flops with attractive colors to keep them looking fashionable. Even some people who have problems with the ankle choose to use flip-flops in the hope that it can relieve leg pain. But, actually flip-flops can also cause tendinitis. Why are flip flops dangerous? Flip-flops can be dangerous for the health of the feet because of minimal protection against the feet. The shape of the type of flip flops footwear tends to be flat and has no cushion on the heel, making the feet have to try to make a gripping motion so that the sandals remain in place. In addition, when using flip-flops